How to Learn to Hate your Riva
by: Brett Maraldo

The best way to learn to hate your Riva is to repair the electrics near the ignition switch. The only way to get at this area is to remove all the body panels except the front and rear fairings. A very labourious task! First you have to remove the side panels, no sweat. Then remove the floorboard and the front trunk area - a major pain in the ass. When you are done you'll have removed 21 bolts! Here are some pictures:

Here you can see the side panels removed and the floorboard removed and pushed back. The front trunk get taken off to reveal the ignition switch and a bunch of wiring harness connectors. It was here that I had 2 corroded connections.

This is a nice top view of what it looks like when you take the instrument panel off! What a mess! Its a little messier in my Riva because I have some extra lights and an alarm system installed.
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