1971 BMW 3.0CS VIN 2210763 euro

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csroundel2 3.0cs passengerside quarterlow quarterhigh
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sidewindowsdown csroundel1 florian-anneliese e28front trunkroundel

This is my 1971 3.0CS, and this is the story according to it's second owner, Peter: It was purchased in 1971 in Switzerland by Peter's friend, Wolfgang Pollock. However, according to the Mobile Traditions Zertifikat (right) the car was a German delivery to Autohaus Fink. Wolfgang must have purchased the car in Germany and imported it into Switzerland. Three years later, in 1974, Peter purchased the car as Wolfgang wanted to replace it with a Dino Ferrari. Peter is originally from Ontario, Canada but had an office in Switzerland and in Florida. Peter drove the CS as his 'specialty' car, to the beach, to his sailboat and weekend trips here and there when he was in Europe on business. The CS also went on a family trip to Spain and to Greece. In Greece, Peter left the car there far his friends to use as he flew back to North America. Grecian law of the time prohibited such things and the car was impounded for a year.

Finally Peter decided to bring the car to his North American office in Waterdale Florida and it was imported on 10 April 1987 and then impounded. After about a year, Peter was able to get his car back and used it in the same manner has he did in Switzerland. The CS was stored in doors when it was not in use. After many years Peter found that the car had become somewhat surplus and decided to offer it to his son, Peter Jr. The CS was imported into Canada in 1994 and brought up to Burlington, Ontario.

Peter Jr. took possession of the car an 15 Nov 1994. He enjoyed the CS but found it was too special to be used as a daily driver. He decided to revert back to his GMC Jimmy and sold the CS to a GM Dealership in Ontario Canada - they took possession 16 August 1996 - This began the start of the CS's journey into my hands.

The GM dealership had the car for sale for a few years, but it never sold. They decided to overhaul the engine and tune it up and got it ready for auction. It was sold at the April 2000 RM Cars auction in Toronto, Canada to a small I lot dealership in Scarborough, Ontario. The car was lot #498 and listed as:

1971 BMW 30CS S/N: 2210763
Older cosmetic restoration 6cyl dual carb model Runs and drives well.
Presumably, the car was sold without reserve.

The CS sat on the dealer's lot, owned by Bill Chaulkias a BMW CCA member and E30 M3 racer in the Canadian Trillium Chapter. Bill sells primarily trucks, 4x4's and SUV's but because he is a BMW enthusiast he often has vintage BMWs in his lot. I was initially there to check out an E28 M5 and 535is he was selling, and there she was!

At first I was only curious about the car since I had only seen one other and the opportunity allowed me to take a close look at a CS. That night, I decided I would rather keep my 1984 528e and buy the CS than trade the 528e in and buy the M5 or 535is. I spent a lot of time researching and soliciting advice on E9's. Many very helpful people gave me information that I was able to use to assess this euro CS for suitability for purchase. I also asked a few experts who had some experience with CS's or classic car restoration body work to take a look at the car. In the end, the CS was assessed to be pretty solid with some front fender rust, all original except for the wheels and a good candidate for the usual work.

I am happy to (try to) keep yet another beautiful CS on the road!

brett maraldo
June 2001