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Pictures of My Scooter(s)

The little Honda Spree was in an accident in Feb 1996. The collision totaled the scoot, cracking the engine block open! It caused me a minor knee injury that resulted in arthroscopic surgery. I was hit by a car that went through a red light...

I used the settlement to buy the 1987 Yamaha Riva 200 (XC200T) featured below. The scoot was all stock, expect for the trunk. I added all the chrome and running lights. I have since added a removable stereo with passenger headphone jack and cool red antenna, an engine temperature gauge and custom black leather saddle bags.

The Riva will do 110kph extended and I have done road trips to Niagara Falls, NY (160km) and to Waterloo, Ontario along Highway 7 (150km). I hope to do some camping with it this summer.

These are thumbnails; clicking them will load full sized pictures:

The little Spree looking as good as it can after being totaled.

The front of the Riva showing chrome detail.

The left side of the Riva.

The right side of the Riva.

Crazy cat driving Riva...

The rear ends of the the Spree/Riva - note the damaged tail lights on the Spree. Sigh.

The Riva and Spree - the difference between a 50cc and 200cc scooter!

The weird little cat, Helen, that likes to ride my Riva

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