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my E9 | With Stripes
high res photos of my 1971 3.0CS german-delivery coupe
CS parts
photos of the spare parts I have for the CS. NOS and NLA.
article archive
a collection of articles from the 1970's
factory service manual pages
pages from the factory service manual
odometer fix
instructions on how to repair the CS odometer
sports car coupe article
article discussing the 3.0CS, 635CSi and 850i
Obviously BMW's handling and roadholding principles extend throughout the present front engine rear drive range - you can still make their engineers shudder with a mention of front drive - so Herr Stork's thoughts on the matter were of more than usual interest. 'It is a conscious decision that we make, for ... the ... cars in our range. It would be possible to make our cars without the power oversteer that we have, but the price is that the car has a less exact feeling. So the car has less information feedback to the driver through the steering. We let the driver decide by giving him enough information, early enough to make up his mind. Drive fast on a curving road and you will see what I mean. It is dangerous under these conditions to be in a car which is always understeering, always trying to make its way off the road with the nose first! There is no way to change its course. In our cars you can ease the throttle, or have some more speed; it's up to you. With a very powerful engine it is even more important to arrange things our way. It is not a philosophy that originated with me, but just what the customers want. For cars on dry roads, or at least not on ice, the BMW front engine, rear drive, handling and roadholding is still a very good system. That applies for the foreseeable future, but for ice and conditions like that, yes, it must be four wheel drive (4-WD). At least it's a lot better than front drive! So you say OK to 4-WD, but then you ask yourself... How many people really want it? Then there is the extra cost, and sometimes the car does not feel so good. - Walter Storkah!

my E28
high res photos of my 1984 528e sedan
1984 528e Factrory Brochure
the complete 64 page colour brochure
UUC short shifter install
install details and pics for this shifter
jacking up and E28
details on where to jack the car


1949 Buick Super 8 Convertible
my dad's car restored by him to showroom condition
Brett's Scooter Page
outdated scooter page with my scooters

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